If I had to..


If I had to explain why war was important to me I would stay and write forever. But I will shorten it for the sake of my readers.

In past wars we had face-to-face warlike structures. We swung our swords in the air, and used shields to protect. People marched for miles just to start to fight. Guns were used later, but it still had the same structure. March, look at another, then shoot.

But times have changed. People cannot see their attackers. We invade foreign countries and force them out of their homes. Drones drop bombs, buildings collapse, and lives are taken. People dig their way through the debris looking for someone who may have survived. They carry the survivors, drenching the only clothes in blood and tears. They rush them to get help but they know help is limited, and they cannot heal something they fear nightly. “I’m alive, I’m alive, thank God I’m alive,” they cry out to everyone, including God. Oh you are alive young one, but are you living?

All this mass murder for power and control. The reasons wrapped in lies and fed to the people of that country. Religion? Everyone knows God does not love someone who has the blood of his brother upon his hands!

I see my brothers and sisters being shot at, and their bodies thrown aside. I see towns destroyed, I see children crying because they have been forced to face cruel world much to soon. I see people who society thinks of lesser, being spread out on a table like dinner of the rich.

When this problem is shown, people close their eyes and cover their ears  and pretend to be dumb. Thinking that if they are not the ones doing the killing they are free from the consequences of murder! If you are passive of wrong doing, I have news for you. You still carry the blood of your brother upon your hands. So please, look down at your hands.

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  1. The whole culture makes death seem like something that is not real. We have video games that glorify killing. We have hunters that kill from a distance and pay somebody else to clean up their mess, or just leave it there. Few people here see death face to face. Death is something elusive and surreal, so supporting a war becomes an idea and few will see the suffering of the innocent.

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    1. Mia Catalina says:

      I agree sister, I really like how you put it. I had to write this for an art project and I thought I would share it here. It makes me so upset when people turn a blind eye to war/innocent killings unless it directly affects them. It has become so rare these days to actually care that when I start crying (I cannot handle seeing those things but I look anyways) people tell me to basically “get over it.” Either because they are so used to it or because they simply do not care about the topic. It made me so upset to be told to “get over it”. And honestly I hope they know I WILL NOT just “get over it” I will cry and do my best to help, through donations, spreading the word, or duaa.


  2. Haya says:

    Many a times I fear, what will happen of my kids – as i see kids in different parts of the world (sadly more in muslim countries). I may be at peace but who can assure this peace will be for ever? I wonder how people can overlook the death of innocent. What are we doing for those left behind? with nothing to loose and bitterness in heart what would be the future of little ones who grow there. Lets hope they dont fall into wrong hands.

    “Indeed Injustice would be the darkness of the day of judgement.”

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