Learning Arabic// اللغة العربية

I constantly get questions regarding how I am learning Arabic. I don’t mind it, believe me. I am writing this for the sole purpose of gathering my thoughts and collecting all information into one article. Answers to the most common questions: 1. Is it hard? It depends. Are you already familiar with the new characters and…


  Sorrow had filled my heart for weeks, and appeared to me to simply be melanocholy. I had thought perhaps because my unhappiness had been at the hands of another. I blamed the sorrows placed upon me as a cause of the external world, all while ignoring the very thing that could help allelivate it….

untitled poem

sometimes nothing inspires me i’m afraid my days have been taken by anxiety i pray that these thoughts leave before my heart quits beating because these thoughts shouldn’t be repeating and i’d rather have others to be meeting and greeting  

reflection ii

It is humbling to place your head upon a earthly material during prayer. It serves as an ultimate reminder of where our bodies will end up, and reminds us of our last step in this world–death. Before I had dabbled into the understanding of Islam and it’s teachings about death, I had feared death. It…

reflection i

One of the most profound statements said to me was, “What if the smaller sins committed by people with more knowledge becomes equal in weight with bigger sins committed by people with less knowledge?”

Untitled 1

Oh my Lord, if I have ever murmured the words “I wish I had never had hardship”,  I beg for your forgiveness. For if the amount of your tests upon me accumulate to fill the lowest point in the Earth or stack up to rise against the highest mountain, I just pray that I find…


Each second that passes is one second closer to death.