Ramadan Kareem and 1st Day Thoughts.


First of all, Ramadan Kareem to all my followers who celebrate this month of fasting and spiritual reflection. May Allah bless you and accept from you. I meant to write this yesterday but I forgot, typical of me (heehee).

Today was my first ever fast for Ramadan. I have fasted before but only for around 11 hours. Today I had to do 17, which grew increasingly more difficult at the 12 hour mark. I felt so hungry and my lack of caffeine surely took its toll on my head, a headache from withdraw ( I forgot to make some AND eat before the fast began, silly me).

But now that I can now eat and drink, I started to reflect. Here are my thoughts in order that I had them:


I only fasted for around 18 hours (because I didn’t eat before). As I broke my fast with water and ran into the kitchen to grab some pizza my family saved for me, I started to think at least I even have food to look forward to at the end of the fast. I felt selfish, that I complained for such a small amount of time compared to others have to go hungry for days. I realized I was taking my clean water access for granted too, I have clean water and instead I trade it for pop which does no benefits. The thirst was more overwhelming than my hunger. This led me to tears as I soon realized what I have and what others do not. Not only what I had, but how I was taking it for granted.

Mind Over Matter

God has gave us this body with animal instincts, but a mind strong enough to overcome them. As my hunger grew, so did my willpower. I WAS going to make it my first day. I AM going to do this. Other animals have to react to their body’s needs but we do not. Isn’t that beautiful? Our minds are really so strong, and thanks to God I have learned that through this.

To sum up this post, all I have to say is shukran Allah. ♥

You all will be in my prayers.

One Comment Add yours

  1. samaraat says:

    MashaAllah ❤

    Hugs from far away..
    The headaches last a few days and then usually go away. Hope you are all well now


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