I Forgot..


In all honesty, I forgot I had a blog…it has been the least important thing on my mind lately.

I was “studying” hard for exams, by studying I mean watching videos on YouTube. Exams are stressful, and I just wasn’t prepared to be exhausted 100% of the time. Exam time came rather quickly, but I passed all of them so no complaining allowed.

Besides exam, I have continued my journey through Islam. The first stop is reading Discourse On the Method wait…what?? Yes! A philosophical book, with a lot of insight. It isn’t directly related to religion, but the points he makes is very important. I personally believe it can be related to anything. It’s about opinions and how to accept  them by using logic–use your mind. Evaluate what you believe, and why you believe it. Is it because you think it make sense and is true, or are you just following everyone else?

“For it isn’t enough to have a good mind; what matters most is using it well.”


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