I wish I could describe my love of sunsets to people. I remember always running outside when I was little to watch the sunset, even if it was below zero. I have always felt so calm while watching a sunset. The colors reminded me of paint on a canvas, illuminating the sky.  So beautiful that when I try to paint them, the beauty gets lost somewhere between the mind and the paper.

Before Islam, no amount of mindfulness nor science could ever get my eye off of a sunset. People would explain in detail the science of how sunsets worked, but never could explain why they were so beautiful. “They just are,” they would say and quickly be on their way.

When I take walks after my prayers, I stare up at the sky. And I see what God has painted in the sky. I see the oranges, pinks, purples, and blues mix together no other artist could achieve.

I don’t know how people could look up at the sky and deny God.

Look at what he has made for you, his creation!

Now when I see sunsets, I look up and smile. At this point, I can’t hold back my tears of joy and love for the Creator.

I look up and say “Alhamdulillah” and pray to God that this isn’t the last sunset I see.


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